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Growing up in rural Iowa, I watched my mother work along side veterans at the local VA.  She spoke frequently about the broad range of services offered for veterans, including mental health, physical medicine, addiction support and more. I began to understand that healthcare was so much more than just a quick prescription. I saw that true healthcare involved a holistic, integrated approach.  In my work as an Emergency Medical Technician, I saw firsthand just how dramatically different results and long-term prognosis were when this integration broke down.  When a person was passed from practitioner to practitioner with no consistent view towards an overarching health plan, the patient would ultimately suffer.

During a backpacking trip in 1999, I was bitten by a tick and became extremely ill. Conventional allopathic medicine saved my life. But long after I was given a clean bill of health and discharged from the hospital, I retained a very real feeling of trauma and injury. Though the emergency care and physical medicine stabilized my body's vital systems, it did not address the emotional and energetic responses that came as a result of such a systemic injury and aggressive treatments required. I longed for a holistic, integrated solution.  I found it through Acupuncture.

For the 15 years, I've pursued holistic medicine academically and as a personal passion.  Studying Chinese Medicine in Canada, China and in the States has given me a truly global perspective into the ancient systems of medicine and how they compliment modern day healthcare. I've held internships in Fertility, Sports Injury and Five Element Acupuncture which focuses predominately on emotional wellness and have completed masterwork in both Tuina and Shiatzu Asian bodywork.  

Additionally, I am deeply passionate about and have found great benefit from an active Awareness practice.  I have studied Qigong and Meditation and often bring these practices into the treatment room. 

My Views on Health
The body is a holistic environment with many different physical, emotional and mental systems interconnected.  Our bodies are evolved to handle tremendous stress and strain, balancing the response of each of its systems and sometimes our stability is shaken, and we lose equilibrium.  It is my belief that we are whole and healthy to start out with and if we are experiencing health concerns, it is from this loss of balance.  Through holistic and well-planned choices, balance is within our reach.  Awareness, Acupuncture, Patience, Qigong, and other methods can be used to facilitate your body to remember it's own innate health and wellbeing!

My Focus
- Men's Health
- Awareness Practices
- Integrative Health
- Anxiety Disorders
- Emotional Wellbeing
- Pain Management

My Training and Approaches
- Licensed Acupuncturist in both Oregon and California
- Medical Qigong Practitioner, International Institute of Medical Qigong
- Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
- Five Element Acupuncture
- Diplomate in Orthopedic Acupuncture, American Academy of Physical Oriental Medicine
- Instructor of Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation

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4246 Se Belmont St
Ste 5
Portland, OR 97215

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