Ms Deirdre Sulka-Meister, FNP

Deirdre Sulka-Meister, FNP

Family Medicine

100 Brickhill Ave
South Portland, ME 04106-1999
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I am a Family Nurse Practitioner committed to the wellness of my patients. I believe in collaborative care and building long term relationships with my patients built on trust. I believe people can make the best decisions for their own health if they have the information they need. I see patients of all ages emphasizing preventative care. I am committed to taking the time needed to listen to my patients and allow them to feel comfortable. I am interested in helping every patient achieve optimal health knowing health varies widely from person to person. I love practicing with the other providers at Open Circle Family Practice in a collaborative, mutually supportive atmosphere.

I am interested in complimentary medicine, always searching for alternatives to round out the tool kit of what I have to offer. I believe that patients are the experts on their own bodies and my job is to listen and work with people so they can be as healthy as possible. I am interested in how body, mind and spirit affect health. I am interested in nutrition and love to cook and eat delicious, healthy food.

I received my masters degree in nursing from University of Southern Maine in 2011. Before becoming an NP I served families for 17 years as a homebirth midwife. I love that I can provide the same level of personal care to people of all ages here at Open Circle Family Practice that I did as a midwife for so many years.

I enjoy dancing, gardening, cooking and hiking, and I am the mother of a fantastic teenager.

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100 Brickhill Ave
South Portland, ME 04106-1999

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