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I feel that achieving health and happiness comes by addressing many aspects of lifemind, body, spirituality, social connectedness, etc. This holistic approach recognizes that we all have an inherent ability to achieve health and that the focus of treatment should be on addressing barriers to this vs. treating or "curing" a disease. None of my patients have been in a textbook. Diagnoses should be used as a general guide for treatment, but that treatment should be customized for each individual person by taking into account the ways in which they do not fit the "textbook diagnosis".

I hold myself to a high standard of ethical behavior and confidentiality. Medical care today is far too influenced by large corporations. I'm proud to say I have not taken anything from drug companies for over 3 years and do not plan to do so in the future.

I maintain openness to alternative medicine. I frequently recommend acupuncture, yoga, meditation, diet modification, etc. to my patients. From my own experience as a patient, I have realized that patients want good customer service almost as much as sound medical advice. I aspire to be prompt, available, diligent and fair.

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1154 Lydia Street
Suite 110
Austin, TX 78702

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