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Dr. Herbert grew up in Louisville, Ohio where he excelled in both school and sports. He continued his academic and athletic careers at Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania. It was through sports, injuries, and many doctor visits that Dr. Herbert found chiropractic. His interest became helping people in the most natural and least invasive way as possible, and chiropractic care would allow him to do that. Before graduating from WJ, he earned his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist C.S.C.S. through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

He went on to Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri, where he was introduced to Applied Kinesiology AK early on. He accrued over 400 post graduate hours and certifications in Applied Kinesiology and Internal Health before graduation. Along with his post graduate education in AK, he also studied pediatric craniopathy to expand his ability to treat children. While improving his own education, he was given the opportunity to teach AK. This allowed him to introduce new students to AK while sharpening his skills all at the same time.

During his work in the clinics at Logan, he became fascinated with developmental disorders and the lack of steady answers for these types of problems. With this challenge presented to him, he began to search for someone who could provide answers. His search brought him to the Brain Performance Center and the Applied Kinesiology Center of Los Angeles and Dr. James Blumenthal. In his first three years of practice, Dr. Herbert had the opportunity to practice alongside Dr. Blumenthal and learn the answers to the challenge he found earlier at Logan College.

While in Los Angeles, Dr. Herbert took advantage of the great minds who taught in the area. He attended seminars in Functional Endocrinology, Retained Neonatal Reflex Integration, Autoimmune Thyroid, Natural Therapies for Autism, and Mastering the Thyroid.

In February of 2010, Dr. Herbert decided to expand his practice with Dr. Sharon Bruce at The Lumbar Yard. Dr. Bruce welcomed him into her multidisciplinary practice and allowed him to bring his wide range of services to the residents of Long Beach.

In January of 2011, Dr. Herbert made the decision to leave California for Minnesota to be closer to family and start his own practice. After opening in March of 2011, Dr. Herbert soon found a new challenge in the Northland, Lyme disease. After much research and consulting, Dr. Herbert has added Lyme to the list of chronic health problems he has experience helping patients fight.

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4897 Miller Trunk Highway
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