Medea Karr, MSN FNP

Medea Karr, MSN FNP

Family Medicine

4520 Fauntleroy Way Sw
Seattle, WA 98126
(206) 734-4981


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This provider is not accepting online appointments currently. Call the doctor's office at (206) 734-4981 to book an appointment.
Medea is experienced in managing fibromyalgia and hypermobile Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Currently preferred on most insurances, but call your insurance first to make sure Medea is on your plan. New patients by referral only. Call 206-734-4981 to get on our waiting list. You'll need a referral and 2 years worth of records, lab results, and any pertinent imaging reports. Please ask your PCP to FAX not mail records to 888-734-4981, or they can send them electronically if they have a direct address account. Records must come from another provider, not the patient. We work forward to working with you on your health challenges!

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4520 Fauntleroy Way Sw
Seattle, WA 98126

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