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Dr. Tirgan is a board-certified internist and medical oncologist who specializes in the treatment and research of keloid disorder. He began seeing keloid patients through his cutaneous oncology practice in 2007. Noticing that surgery resulted in a much worse outcome for many keloid patients, in 2008, Dr. Tirgan began focusing his medical practice on the non-surgical treatments for the removal of keloid lesions.

Dr. Tirgan is the only physician in North America with a pure sub-specialty practice that is limited solely to the treatment of keloid patients. As of December 2019, Dr. Tirgan has treated approximately 1,600 keloid patients with all kinds of keloids. This includes not only adults but also very young children. Dr. Tirgan's sub-specialty medical practice has attracted patients from every corner of the United States as well as patients from many other countries around the world.

Dr. Tirgan is an attending physician at Mount Sinai St. Lukes and Mount Sinai West Hospitals in New York City. He is a clinical instructor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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23 West 73Rd Street
Suite Gd
New York, NY 10023

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