Dr Olga Rodriguez Laguer, doctor in medicine

Olga Rodriguez Laguer, doctor in medicine


Calle Ramon E. Betances 60 N
Edificio Post Center Oficina 208
Mayaguez, PR 00680
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Since 1986, Dr. Olga Rodriguez Laguer has pursued excellence in the field of medicine, establishing herself as a true luminary in pediatric and adolescence medicine. In 2010, Dr. Rodriguez Laguer successfully completed a masters degree in Public Health, focusing her expertise on the noble cause of mother and child care. This extraordinary milestone further solidified her position as a leading force in the realm of pediatric medicine. From 1997 to 2001, Dr. Rodriguez Laguer assumed the prestigious role of Director of Pediatrics at the esteemed Hospital San Antonio. Her visionary leadership was instrumental in shaping the very landscape of pediatric healthcare during this transformative period. From 1987 to 1992 she served as the esteemed treasurer of the revered 'Asociacin Mdicos Pediatras Region Oeste' AMPRO. Such was her commitment that she ascended to the role of president from 1992 to 1995. Dr. Rodriguez Laguer undertook an array of pioneering studies spanning a diverse range of topics, including the correlation between asthma and emergency room care, the delicate dynamics of formula tolerance in infants, and the groundbreaking treatment of scabies in pediatric patients. Through her tireless efforts, she revolutionized the way we understand and address these critical medical conditions. Presently, in addition to caring for her patients at her medical practice, Dr. Olga Rodriguez Laguer stands at the forefront of the medical community as the esteemed coordinator in the specialized field of pediatric patient care for aspiring medicine students. Her wisdom and guidance serve as an inspiration to the next generation of healthcare professionals, nurturing their skills and fostering a new breed of compassionate caregivers.
Calle Ramon E. Betances 60 N
Edificio Post Center Oficina 208
Mayaguez, PR 00680

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