Dr Rodney Muhammad, D.O.

Rodney Muhammad, D.O.

Family Medicine

417 Security Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
(719) 368-6628


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This provider is not accepting online appointments currently. Call the doctor's office at (719) 368-6628 to book an appointment.
3G Medical Consultants 3GMC and Fountain Valley Therapeutic Clinic FTVC are medical clinics that bring a unique approach to the ever changing landscape of medical care.
While 3GMC is a more traditional Family Medical Practice that accepts most insurances including Medicaid and Medicare, FVTC is on the cutting edge of Alternative and therapeutic medicine including Osteopathic Manipulation, Ultra-Sound guided Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy injections, Cortisone joint Injections and conventional Urgent Pain Management.

Dr. Muhammad is also Certified by the Great State of Colorado to preform Medical Marijuana Evaluations.
When you come to our clinic, you will be seen by our team of top notch and experienced professionals. You will see Dr. Muhammad, not a stand in. We do not run a clinic based on numbers. We are a quality care facility and have been recognized as such. You will not have to sit and wait 1-2 hours to be seen. Once you have been with our physician, you will never want to go back to the revolving doors of corporate medicine Hello-Goodbye 5 minute visits or the "chop shop" atmosphere of many Alternative Medical Clinics.
Our location is very convenient with ample parking and we are located on the ground floor, so if you have painful knees or are in a wheelchair, there wont be a struggle with crowded elevators or stairs.
So use our easy on-line appointment website or call and make your appointment to be seen for whatever ailment you. Our friendly and courteous staff will help you make an appointment for the medical care that you deserve.

See my practice's website at:

417 Security Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80911

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